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Vasileios Vazouras was born in Athens and raised in Agrinio, in Western Greece.
From an early age he started lessons in classical guitar in a local conservatory school
(“Odeion Synchronis Tehnis”), with Nikolaos Dimousis. His passion for music, and
wind instruments, made him switch to alto saxophone and become a member of the
big band, of the local conservatory school in Patras, named “Polyphoniki Chorodia
Patras” under the supervision of the clarinetist/saxophonist George Bourdopoulos.
He took part in many gigs with the band in Patras and Zakynthos, in many local
festivals. In 2017 he enrolled at Athens Conservatorium, in order to study classical
saxophone, under the supervision of Prof. Athanasios Zervas. There he practiced the
classical saxophone for two years. Along with his main instrument, he took private
lessons in piano with Prof. George Micros. All these years, his strong desire for
learning the jazz idiom, made him quit his studies in classical saxophone, and start
learning the jazz language on saxophone on his own. In October 2018, he was
accepted in a jazz combo created by guitarist/band leader Prof. Andreas
Papagiannakopoulos, where he started learning the jazz form and the perspective of
jazz improvisation. With this combo he took part in many jam sessions and jazz gigs.
Since the December of 2018, he is taking lessons in jazz saxophone under the
guidance of Prof. Yannis Papanastasiou at Conservatory School “Musical Praxis” in


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