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My name is Vasilis Vazouras, and currently I am studying jazz saxophone at Musical
Praxis Conservatory, under the guidance of Prof. Yannis Papanastasiou.
I switched to jazz saxophone since the December of 2018, in which I started
taking jazz saxophone courses.
I would like strongly to make music, my profession, because my
character and my everyday mood is engaged to music all time of the day. Since I was
a kid, I remember myself hooked on my cd player, and listening to all styles and
genres of african-american music, along with european music, due to my classical foundation,
from classical guitar.
My perspective, concerning, the jazz saxophone performance, is that this is the means of getting my emotions and experiences, out of me and making them, a complete musical context.
I am applying to CODARTS conservatoire, specifically, because it is
a well respected school that can teach the jazz idiom. I want to learn, how to develop the
bebop language on saxophone. I want to start making my jazz vocabulary.
I have chosen your department, due to the excellent staff for jazz
saxophone tuition.
My future plans, after graduation, is to become a freelance sax
performer. If possible, to become a session sax player, with a full knowledge on the jazz idiom.
My ideals and examples in sax performance and music in general,
are personalities like David Sanborn for his open-mindness, Ernie Watts for his practicing discipline,
Art Pepper for his warmness and Dexter Gordon for his generosity that is delivered by his lyrical playing.
Vasilis Vazouras


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